Collection: Medicinal & Cooking Oils

Fats play an essential role in your health. Incorporating healthy fats into meals and snacks can improve nutrient absorption, promote heart health, and help boost your food's flavor and satiety factor.  However, choosing the right kinds of fats, including cooking oils, is critical. While some oils are more appropriate for higher-heat cooking and may also provide health benefits, others may harm health if used too often.

OneWithNature stocks beneficial and essential oils including Coconut oil, Palm oil, Baobab Oil, Groundnut, oil, Olive Oil, Herb infused oils and much more for cooking as well as for  medicinal support .

For the best and worst cooking oils for your health, and tips for choosing the best oils for your needs and preferences talk to our naturopaths at LifeWellness Wholistic and Ayurveda Centre.