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Mek's Vegetarian Pepper Sauce

Mek's Vegetarian Pepper Sauce

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This vegan-friendly Ghanaian shito recipe is full of heat, and flavour, fish-free and shrimp free. It spicy and super delicious.

Shitɔ is a hot sauce that accompanies a lot of our rice-based dishes and swallows in Ghana. It is a word from the Ga language meaning hot sauce. Traditionally, it is made by cooking a blended mixture of onions, garlic and ginger with spices, dried crayfish and dried anchovies. It is basically the Ghanaian tabasco or sriracha but with the popularity of ketchup.

Our Mek's Shito is vegetarian and is devoid of fish or any animal based ingredients. These are replaced with soya powder and chunks.

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