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Nature's Turmeric Powder(200g)

Nature's Turmeric Powder(200g)

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For a single ingredient, turmeric spice manages to pack a major health punch. Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the bright yellow spice used throughout Asia for centuries, has in recent decades been embraced by the West, not just for its ability to satisfy our appetite for curry, but for its impressive list of health benefits. Turmeric is quite literally, hot stuff.

Turmeric and its powerful ingredient, curcumin, have a range of health benefits.

  • Antioxidants have the potential to prevent heart disease, eye conditions, and Alzheimer's. Anti-inflammatory properties can help people with arthritis. Turmeric may even reduce the risk or spread of cancer.
  • Turmeric may help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
  • Turmeric might be brain food. Curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier and may help to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. 

Getting the most from turmeric. The key to tapping into the health benefits of Turmeric may lie in how you consume it. Cooking turmeric with oil could help your body absorb more curcumin. It’s thought that when curcumin binds with fat, like the fat in olive or coconut oil, it’s more easily absorbed by the gut. And it may be that even a small daily amount. What we do know is that cooking turmeric with oil, as part of a balanced diet, could be the best way to get the most from this spice.

Remember, the key to getting long-lasting benefits from any food is to eat a balanced diet.

Note: Turmeric Powder is to be used as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. For additional health and nutritional support call +233(55) 355 6279 and speak to our Naturopath at LifeWellness Wholistic and Ayurveda Center.

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