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Vaggine Singles

Vaggine Singles

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Benefits of Vaginne:

✅ It balances the microbes in the female reproductive system.

✅Enhances good bacteria like lactobacillus.
✅Prevents patogens or bad bacteria.
✅Helps to maintain a good vaginal pH between 3.5-4.4.
✅Helps with some fertility issues by preventing bacteria  overgrowth in tubes and preventing inflammation of the ovaries.

✅Repair cellular damage as a result of sexual intercourse/friction or wear and tear through natural childbirth .

✅Regulates menstruation and prevent PMS,cramps .
✅ Removes odour and restores a lady's confidence.
Takes away dryness 
Increases libido
✅Prevents and may fight cancers in the uterus and cervical region
✅Prevents vaginal atrophy 

✅Prevents Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases

  • Remember, the key to getting long-lasting benefits from any food, health products, and services is to eat a balanced diet, have quality sleep, exercise, get good air and sunshine, and hydrate appropriately and manage stress.

Note: All OneWithNature (OWN) products, are to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. For additional health and nutritional support call +233(55) 355 6279 to speak to our Naturopath at LifeWellness Wholistic and Ayurveda Center.

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